Cristiari Rosat

Different and exciting: the pleasure of surprise

Vibrant like the colour of sunsets, complex and ample, striking and delicate. As surprising as the first time you visit the Baldomar valley. Fullness and pure emotion: that is Cristiari Rosat, the expression of the commitment to finding pleasure in difference.

Tasting and food

Its intense colour attracts the eye. The combination of a superlative environment and preparation that is attentive to detail provides an outburst of aromatic hints. Furthermore, in the mouth it is elegant, soft, very pleasant and with a lasting taste. The brilliant complexity of Cristiari Rosat makes it ideal with savoury starters, for example fresh pasta with truffle and mushroom sauce, white meats and blue fish. A magnificent accompaniment for pâtés, terrines and gelatinous preparations, it is a versatile wine that continues to surprise even us.
We recommend serving it at 10º C.