Protective nature

In the small basin around Baldomar nature seems to have made a promise: to safeguard a unique environment. Its soil and climate conditions come together to create a proportional landscape. Everything is simplicity and serenity, and the handiwork of humans has successfully accompanied the sense of restraint and grace that seems to permeate the place.


The shelter of montsec, the influence of the segre

A line of sunny crags cuts across the horizon of Baldomar: they are the crests of Montsec, the first great massif in the foothills of the Pyrenees, an imposing mountain range that protects our valley from cold northern winds. The shelter of Montsec de Rúbies, as this most easterly side is called, helps to create a microclimate that is particularly beneficial for growing vines.
The other crucial geographical influence is the proximity of the Segre, flowing by little more than half a mile from the centre of the village. The river’s moisture moderates temperatures and favours Mediterranean plants and crops.

Winter fogs

In the long continental winters, fogs reign in the valley. They are very important because they wrap the vine stocks in moisture which protects them from frost. The risk comes in April or May when the mantle of low fog disappears and late frosts can do serious damage. Then only the spring rain can counteract the danger and restore the plants to the safety of slow and peaceful growth. And afterwards comes summer with its mild nights and dry heat, so typical of the inland regions. If all goes well the magic of the weather will lead to a good grape harvest.


Fertile land

Clear and orange hues are mixed in the terrain of the municipality of Baldomar. It is productive soil which in a succession of agricultural landscapes supports typically Mediterranean crops: olive and almond trees, cereals and finally vines. The clay and silt soils with their calcareous matrix provide the plants with a large quantity of nutrients. At the height of flowering and ripening the image of an orchard is given its finishing touch. The valley is fertile.