A small world of calm stretches between the meanders of the River Segre and the amphitheatre of the Montsec Mountains. On the slopes of the spurs, scrub and thickets give way to wheat fields. Sown fields, vineyards and olive trees make up an image of ancient balance. Amid the quiet valley, the clump of dun houses of Baldomar is like a ship moored in a bay at rest. Entering the village across the river by a narrow stone bridge leaves a lasting impression.



Baldomar is in the county of La Noguera in the middle area of the River Segre, 350 metres above sea-level and very close to the town of Artesa de Segre.
Geography and history define the frontier character of this territory. Baldomar stands in the line of the foothills of the Pyrenees and very close to the Segre, which during the Early Middle Ages was the unstable border between the Christian counties of the mountains and the Muslim settlers on the plain to the south. The castles and towers that dot the narrow gorges along the river are testimony to a tumultuous past.



The scene is one of ancient and living rural harmony: Baldomar, flanked by rocky hills, woods and fields. Around it, the roads and paths connect fields and farms, barns and irrigated plains. It is a pattern as old as the human presence in these fertile lands crossed by the waters of the Segre. Wide and fast-flowing, the river is the large artery that determines climate, agriculture and, ultimately, lifestyles.


There have always been vineyards here. Rows of vine stocks have occupied the poorest raised edges around fields, the highlands of the municipality, the areas bordering cereal crops. In Baldomar wine has always been made domestically for family use with wisdom consolidated over the centuries which firstly phylloxera and subsequently crop replacement almost did away with.
There are many traces of the grape-growing business. Vats, wine presses, words and photographs from the early 20th century recall the importance of an activity that is now being reborn under the protection of the Costers del Segre Designation of Origin and thanks to the support of wineries such as Vall de Baldomar.