Cristiari Criança

The natural nobility that rounds off an entire project

It is simplicity and grandeur. It is nature and intellect. It is the turning point between the vineyard and the winery, between the legacy of the environment and production knowledge. Cristiari Criança sublimates all the values of ​​Baldomar and projects them at the highest level of quality. Its stylish intensity is a tribute based on the way we do things to a universal belief: great wines are sublime examples of the vineyard, the soil and viticulture.

Tasting and food

Its ruby red violet shades are a suggestive visual letter of introduction for a wine of great aromatic finesse, the attractive coming together of fruits and spices. In the mouth it is mild and has a large body and balance with lasting gracefulness. It is the ideal choice with selected cold meats and strong cheeses: creamy, processed, blue, etc. The combination of freshness and finesse also goes well with red meats, whether grilled or in culinary preparations.